Thursday, June 11, 2020

10 FAQ of Cisco Certification Candidates

1. What's Cisco certification?

It's released by a well-known network provider - Cisco. In its Career Certification Program, Cisco request that there should be certified engineer in all Cisco agent so as to provide better service to clients as well as build a certification system for network engineer who is familiar to Cisco product.

2. Why for Cisco certification?

It's a global-known fact being an international talent will benefit both the individual and the company. To be an international talent, an internationalcertification is no doubt the best passport. While among all certifications in market, Cisco certification which was released by the well-known network enterprise Cisco enjoys wild acceptance and great reputation.

3. How certification benefits the candidates?

a) Candidate who gains Cisco certification usually enjoys a favorable salary;

b) The certification owner can enjoy credit exemptions for associate professions.

4. Who need Cisco certification?

a) College graduate: facing fierce competition, college graduate can pale others in job hunting by processing a Cisco certification.

b) Individual who wants to change his profession: for people who want to enter into IT industry, Cisco certification is no doubt the best license to validate your capability for a job role.

c) Network Technician: for these people, Cisco certification enables them to ask for a higher position and better pay.

5. I don't have college experience or computer major background. Can I gain Cisco certification?

Of course you can, in fact there are great number of candidates who didn't have computer major background. Only if you own courage and capability in learning something new, you can pursueCisco certification and there is great possibility for you to gain certification.

6. Despite a good pay, what other benefits can I enjoy if a gain Cisco certification?

a) Be list into talent pool;

b) Chances for attending Cisco Technical lecture class;

c) Gain competitive edge and become popular in big enterprises;

d) License enables you to immigrate or work abroad;

e) Gain trust from Cisco as well as client;

f) Gain technical support from Cisco;

g) Be allowed to put Cisco logo on your resume.

7) How much does CCIE certification cost?

Two exams, written exam and lab exam, are required for CCIE certification. The written exam costs $350 USD while the beta exams allow $50 USD discount. The lab exam costs $1400 USD. If candidates can't pass both the exam at their first try, it may cost more.

8) How can I recertify my CCSP certification?

CCSP certification is valid for three years. There are two paths available for candidates to recertify their CCSP certification. One is to pass any 642 exam which belongs to professional level certification; the other is to take and pass any CCIE written exam. Candidate should pay attention to that the two paths can be followed only when candidate processes a valid CCSP certification.

9) Can I take CCNP exam directly?

No, you can't. A valid CCNA certification can act as the prerequisite of CCNP exam.

10) What can I do after gaining CCNAcertification?

As we all know, CCNA certification is an associate level certification which validate the fundamental skills and knowledge of candidates'. CCNA certification enables candidate to pursue other higher level certifications, which means CCNA is just a springboard for candidate. After gaining CCNA certification, candidates can consider about pursuing other higher level certifications in Cisco certification system.

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